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Codemagic CI/CD for mobile teams

iOS teams are switching to Codemagic because iOS has been a second-class citizen in many CI providers. Painful to get started or change anything, slow to update to the latest software - macOS, Xcode. Slow build speeds. NO MORE with Codemagic.

⛴️ Working on a new app!

After joining forces on NowPlaying, Hidde and I are collaborating on a brand new app called Helm. Helm is a native app for App Store Connect to make shipping and updating apps faster and simpler.

I am very excited to be working on another project with Hidde and it is an app that aligns very well with my tooling expertise and knowledge of the App Store Connect API which, while incredibly powerful, can be very hard to work with.

We’ve already built many exciting features, including a keywords editor that will give you ASO advice and tips, and we’ve got numerous others planned, so keep an eye on our social media profiles to be the first to know when the app is available!

👀 The Swift 6 release process

Apple has recently unveiled what the release process for the next major version of Swift (6) will look like.

All details are covered in the official announcement by Mishal Sha but two important things you need to know are that the release branch will be created on the 15th of March and that we now know that Swift 5.10 will be the last minor release of Swift 5.

🤩 An unofficial App Store Connect status page

If you’ve been an app developer for Apple platforms for long enough, chances are you will have encountered one of App Store Connect’s famous outages.

Even if everyone you knew was encountering the same issue as you and you were certain it was an issue with Apple’s service, sometimes their official status page wouldn’t report any incidents. That’s why Runway has decided to build its own unofficial ASC status page, reporting issues encountered while making real requests to the App Store Connect API.

🚀 Automatic multiplatform app releases with Xcode Cloud

In the last issue of this newsletter, I shared that I had automated the way we deploy builds to App Store Connect for our app NowPlaying using Xcode Cloud.

Well, after we did our first release, I decided to write an article guiding you step by step on what we did in case you are looking at doing a similar thing for your apps.

⚙️ How to deploy apps with Codemagic and GitHub Actions

After reading this article from Arnold Veltmann on the Codemagic blog, I discovered that they provide a set of free Open-Source CLI tools that they use as part of workflows in their CI/CD service.

In this article, Arnold shows you how you can use them in a GitHub Actions workflow to publish an app to App Store Connect.

🧪 Analyising test output, optimizing UI tests and CI runs of Tuist projects

Back in the 24th edition of this newsletter, I shared an article by Ronan O Ciosoig on how to optimise the CI build times for a Tuist project.

This time I am sharing a follow-up article from him that dives deep into how to analyse the output from a test suite, and how to optimise UI testing and CI pipelines.

🛑 Deprecation of widely used GitHub Actions actions

GitHub has recently announced that, as they shipped the fourth major version to the upload and download artifacts built-in actions, they are going to be deprecating versions 1 and 2 of the actions on the 30th of June.

If you use these actions extensively across projects and workflows, I would suggest you check out this awesome article by Marco Eidinger that contains a Regular Expression you can modify to bulk update all references to the actions.